7 Business Ideas for Women

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The first key step for budding entrepreneurs is starting the right kind of business. It’s critical to choose wisely, develop a comprehensive plan, and secure the resources to see your business through. Motivated businesswomen break barriers while providing economic security for themselves, and contributing to society’s economic health as a whole. Here are seven of the best businessideas for women to consider.

1. App Design and Development

Men have historically dominated the tech industry, yet women naturally bring a real-world perspective to app development and design. Women-owned companies like Cuttlesofttake a creative and diverse approach to software development. Furthermore, innovative tech pioneers, including the dynamic Carla White, prove every day that succeeding in the world of intelligent app design and development is a woman's job after all.

2. Consulting Firm

Women can share their niche expertise with others by starting a consulting business. From online marketing to career counseling to event planning, a consultant business is as flexible and versatile as you are. Activists Michelle Saahene and Melissa DePino took their experience as witnesses to racial injustice and launched From Privilege to Progress. It is now a thriving coaching and consulting organization designed to promote public conversation on the issue of race.

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3. Creative Chef

Take your culinary skills to a whole new level by transforming your cooking talents and ideas into a lucrative business. Whether you choose to open a cozy community cafe or offer personal catering for events, food service remains ripe with potential. Samantha Fore connected with her Sri Lankan roots and amazing cooking abilities to hit the road with the popular pop-up eatery, Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan Bites. The Kentucky-based entrepreneur found a way to interpret her own career goals. For Samantha, it seems, the best yet to come.

4. Educational Services

Unlike many industries, education is still a women-dominated field. Women in education can easily turn their knowledge and teaching skills into satisfying self-employment. From tutoring to teaching English as a second language, educators at every level are

always in-demand. And teaching doesn't just have to be scholastic. Innovators like Tone It Up's Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn saw a niche opportunity in the health and fitness community. The two fitness influencers strive to empower other women through positivity.

5. Marketing and Public Relations

People-oriented entrepreneurs with good communication skills and can-do attitudes do well in the marketing field. As long as there are products and services to be sold, getting the word out and establishing a recognized brand is a commodity. Talented writers and storytellers like Amber Williamsembrace the opportunity to use their creativity to help other businesses make money. Amber's energetic and encouraging personality drives her natural proclivity for making each and every business stand out.

6. Retail/Wholesale

Thanks to the power of technology, selling a physical product isn't limited to brick and mortar spaces anymore. You can open a neighborhood retail shop or build a website and sell just about anything. Mexican immigrant, Reina Rebelde, celebrates her cultural pride by offering cosmetic products online geared toward Latinx women. The fierce beauty and entrepreneur has established a burgeoning social media presence. The brand, whose name means "rebellious queen", continues to grow in popularity.

7. Financial Services

Women are finally breaking into the financial services sector and the country is all the better for it. Though they face higher hurdles to success in the industry, go-getters like CNote's Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava beat the odds. The investment platform specializes in championing a more inclusive economy through the use of technology. Their hard work and an uphill battle in the men-dominated realm paid off. In 2017, CNote won the Best Startup Pitch Company award. It was a well-deserved accolade.

These are just a few business ideas for women. For more information, link up with Pailor.

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