Benefits of Leasing a Women's Only Co-Working Space

Every woman business owner deserves to know what it's like to work alongside a community of empowered women. Luckily, one of the fastest and easiest ways to meet a group of like-minded women entrepreneurs is to join an exclusive co-working space for women. There are many reasons why you should consider leasing a women’s only co-working space.
If you're tired of searching for an available outlet for your laptop at coffee shops or feel exhausted at the mere thought of trying to get through another workday from your home office, you should seriously consider leasing a women's only co-working space. Below are several ways you can benefit from joining a nonprofit like ​Pailor​ to connect with other ambitious women and help your business grow.
Work in a Safe Space
Safety is paramount for most, if not all, women. In fact, it's very hard for us to do our best work if we suspect we are in an unsafe environment or fear for our physical, mental, or emotional safety. One of the best reasons to join a women-only co-working space is peace of mind. In a world where mansplaining and other forms of casual sexism can gradually dim your voice or dampen your fiery ambition, Pailor is a safe haven where the only concern women have is how to grow their business.
Access to Valuable Resources
Another perk of being a member is you'll gain immediate access to valuable resources that can save you both time and money. Do you need tips on how to find a cofounder or want to learn some innovative marketing ideas? All you have to do is browse through the organization's archive of articles and courses or sign up for an upcoming workshop to learn more information.
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Join a Community of Successful Women

Entrepreneurship can be lonely at times, especially as a woman business owner. When you sign up for a female-only co-working space, you're not just getting a quiet place to work. However, you're also joining a group of like-minded women who are just as driven and successful as you. It's a great opportunity to network and connect with women business owners from across the country.

Peer Groups

If you've ever struggled to meet a client deadline or brainstorm SMART goals, you should ask if your co-working space coordinates peer groups. At Pailor, we help members propel their business to new heights with our "Flight Crew" accountability groups. Each peer group consists of eight women and a facilitator who leads their virtual sessions every month. If you have specific questions or need personal advice, the "Flight Crew" is the perfect opportunity to learn how to accelerate your company's growth from other women who have first-hand experience building a thriving business.

Group Discounts

Another benefit of leasing a women's co-working space is you may be able to receive significant discounts. Many offices and co-working spaces contact nearby retail stores and restaurants and negotiate special discounts for their members. So before you select an organization, remember to call and ask if they offer any coupons or group discounts.

Access to Fundraising Capital

Do you need another injection of cash to buy inventory for a large purchase order? Or perhaps you want to expand your brick-and-mortar business to another geographical area and need tips on how to open a new line of credit at your bank? The great thing about joining a co-working space for women is that the organization may have developed partnerships with different financial institutions. Or you can network among the members and get an introduction to a venture capitalist or banker.

Join Our Community

To learn more about how leasing a co-working space can benefit your company, ​join​ the free Pailor community of women business owners today. We'd love to get to know you and discuss how our resources, community, peer learning, and access to capital can take your business to new heights.New call-to-action